• What is Frisor?

    Frisor is a Swedish word, the meaning of “Friosr” is barber shop or salon.

  • How does www.frisor.in Portal works?

    www.frisor.in is an online portal to book your appointment to any salon (of your choice) around you for any of the Salon service required by you. It is developed to save on your precious time which you are wasting at Salons on your holidays.

  • Why www.frisor.in?

    Because 1st, almost every customer visiting any salon or barber shop for any of the services has to wait for long time than the time taken for their particular service and 2nd, maximum of the salons and barber shops are not even able to earn their livelihood, not because they are not specialist in their services, but only because there is no system (rating) to certify the services of such salons. So, looking into both these aspects we have come up with this portal (www.frisor.in) to serve the community.

  • Who can register on www.frisor.in?

    Salon owner for their services, product seller for their products and customers can register to avail services or buy products through www.frisor.in

  • In how many cities Frisor is operational at present?

    We are currently present in Ludhiana, Amritsar, Jammu and Pathankot and expanding very fast to cover PAN India in the months to come.

  • Are your Salon workers qualified?

    Yes, we have mix of all top notch to regular salons, you can select the Salon of your choice to take service.

  • What happens in case the requested service takes more time than the expected?

    Don’t worry your service will be done up to your satisfaction, irrespective to the time taken.

  • How do I reschedule a service booked on Frisor?

    This feature is not yet available. But if you wish to change your schedule you have to cancel your first booking and rebook the service again. Please go through Cancellation and refund policy prior to cancellation.

  • Can I book a service without registering on Frisor?

    No, to avail services through Frisor, you have to register yourself on www.frisor.in

  • How are the professionals rated?

    Depending on the services provided by the salon professional, customers can give them rating on www.frisor.in, which is managed by Frisor for unbiased performance benefit/bonus.

  • What if I am not happy with the service or the salon professional?

    If you are not satisfied with the service or the salon professional or if you do have any complaints, suggestions or feedback with regard to the service quality, or our salon professional, pricing etc please report it to our Customer Support Desk at 74025 25074 or mail us at support@frisor.in It is advised to do this within 24hrs of your service.